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 Texas Cigar Brothers has created a humidor that is is unlike anything on the market and is as Texas as it gets.

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 Look, if you can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the damned porch. As Texans we are proud of our heritage and the fact that we are unique among Americans. We decided to create a humidor that follows that ideal and is definitely pure Texan. Our humidors are made from locally sourced 100+ year old barnwood cedar. They are branded and wrapped in real rusty barbed wire (we will do a series in the future with collectible barbed wire). We are actually salvaging this little bit of Texas history ourselves.

 All humidors will come with a certificate of authenticity and a brief history of the property, the barn (most wood will come from barns because the cedar was hung vertically and therefore has little or no warping), house, or back-house the cedar is salvaged from. Our first series of THE TEXAN will be the Nesuda Series, named as all future series will be after the family that owns the property. The ‘Texan’ humidors are hand crafted, numbered, and signed by Texas native Richard Amador, one of Dallas’ foremost historic art restoration experts. We have our salvage expert Matt (a Texas native and 20 year salvage expert) discovering and salvaging Texas gold throughout north central Texas. Humidor edges are sealed (no glues or adhesives of any sort are used in construction) and when used with Boveda Humidipak we guarantee fresh smokes.

 If you want a humidor that stands out and screams “Texas!” from across the room for your office, home, hunting cabin, vacation home, etc. then this is for you. If you want a beautiful burled wood boring ass humidor like everyone else in the world has then, like we say in Texas, “If you can’t see the forest through the trees then we can’t help you” 



 William Nesuda first immigrated from Czechoslovakia to the United States at age 23 by himself leaving behind his parent and four siblings.After arriving in New York he made his way to Galveston, Austin, and finally Ennis, Texas. There he married Anna Haskovec in 1892.  Ennis is a small town with a population of about 18,000 south of Dallas, Texas, it’s population at the turn of the century was about 4,000. William worked as a bartender initially, available work at this time considering there were 13 saloons and 6 beer joints. In 1892 he puchased a saloon and a license for $450.00. In 1896 he purchased 158 acres just outside of Ennis. He first erected a home on the property in 1897 for which he paid $493.00. He built the first of five barns on the property in 1899 for $136. He raised five sons and his family still owns the property.

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