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Although the following story is amusing (all bullcrap except the last part, read it to the end), it doesn’t really reflect who or what we really are. WE ARE TEXANS! We are 3rd and 4th generation Texans with the love that all Texans have for their state and their fellow Texans. Texas is where our cigars will be sold and the rest of the nation can just go to hell for a while. Texans ordering from our site or from us will always get at least 10% if not more off their purchase price. That should piss off the yanks.

Our Flor De Jardin cigar was rated as good as it gets by all the big publications that matter. Well we have re-branded that cigar line to reflect who we are and it is now The TEXAS SPECIAL. We don’t care if it ever gets rated by anyone other than our fellow Texans. Once they debut call us and we will hook you up with a 12 Guage or a .50 cal. If you can’t hang with the big dogs stay on the porch…




My grandfather Emilio Guerro de La Posta was born and raised in the El Pinar region of Cuba-the famed cigar region known the world over for its exceptional tobaccos and time honored traditions in cigar making.

Like his forefathers, Emilio started working in the tobacco fields as a child and then learning the craft of cigar rolling from his father. By the age of ten, he was in charge of quality control in the factory. Eventually, Emilio ran all aspects of the family cigar business.

Adhering to the family cigar traditions Emilio had learned as a child, his cigars became very sought after. So much so, that the Cuban government designated his cigars as a national treasure and became the official cigar of Cuba ( El Regalo). All this was about to change as the Cuban revolution heated up and saw the Castros take power.

Emilio believed that his close relationship with the government would continue despite the warnings from friends to get out. His lands, factories and all other assests were immendiately seized by the Castros and he was declared an enemy of the people. Luckily, Emilio still retained some influence and was able to leave with his family and take nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

They resettled in the Dominican Republic. After many hard and trying years, Emilio once again recreated his success as it had been in Cuba. My father repeated the same learning process as his father had done. Unfortunately, I did not follow in my father’s footsteps until much later in life. Nonetheless, I am proud to carry our family’s cigar making traditions forward and once again offer our cigars as (El Regalo-The Gift).

It’s quite a story and unfortunately it’s all BS! I’m no more Cuban than Jack- my adopted dog I found in a parking lot three years ago! What did happen is that I took a trip to Tegucigalpa some years ago and caught the chicken bus down to Danli-the primary cigar manufacturing area of Honduras. Once there, I sauntered up to the first cigar factory I saw and was greeted by high, concrete walls, concertina wire and guards toting AK-47’s.

“Who the hell are you ?” the guards politely asked. I was then told to beat it! After several more encounters of this nature, I came to the conclusion that I was not going to get a tour or hopefully a free cigar from any of the factories. On my last encounter, a nearby taxi driver observed my dilemma and informed me that for a measly 5 bucks he could take me to an unmarked cigar factory on the outside of town. Being desperate and stupid, I paid the 5 bucks and sped towards my destination ( a one way trip I began to think).

There is a God in heaven! I did arrive at what appeared to be a semblance of a factory. There were no high walls, armed guards, or snarling dogs. Only a nearby taco stand and some free range chickens. I was warmly greeted by an elderly Cuban gentleman and welcomed to tour the factory. I nearly fainted! Not only did I get to observe all relevant aspects in the cigar making process, but was allowed to buy as many cigars as I could stuff in my daypack. Later that night after dinner, I lighted up one of my prizes and was amazed! Seven years later that same initial experience is relived every time I light one up. Further, having developed a close friendship, we have created several other award winning blends. No, you won’t see me wearing a Panama hat in a tobacco field, but rather with my feet up and enjoying the result of several years cooperation and hard work.

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9.1 Smoke Magazine
87-90 Cigar Aficianado
91 Cigar Insider
4 times featured in Robb Report

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