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El Sublimado | El Incomparable

Infused with either 21 year aged Single Malt Glen Farclas Scotch Whiskey or 50 year aged Noces d’OrHardy Cognac. All Cigars available in 5-packs. Original packaging, tubos and cigars from 15+ years ago!

Los Angeles, September 30, 2010 – During the Cigar Boom years, two of the most respected of all the “flavored” lines were the Cognac-infused El Sublimado blend and the Single Malt Scotch-infused El Incomparable, both imported by the Marty family from Honduras. Long off the U.S. market, both brands were presumed dead . . . until now. The Texas Cigar Brothers group has their regionally-marketed Flor de Jardin and Smokin’ Toad cigars made in a small Honduran factory run by Rigoberto Avila, who also happened to make the El Sublimado and El Incomparable brands years ago. He mentioned that he had these “old cigars” in his warehouse, and in fact, there were 4,000 to 5,000 cigars of each brand in storage, now with more than 10 years of aging on them. “We really weren’t that interested, but once we tried them, we decided to see what we could do . . . they were that good,” said Texas Cigar Brothers chief Jim Tate. “We don’t even have a complete inventory of how many of each size are available yet. “The only place we’ve talked to, really, is Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano here in Dallas, which has a cigar lounge. They tried them and bought all the samples we had; they liked them just as much as we did.” The El Sublimado brand debuted in 1993 and was an immediate hit thanks to the subtlety of flavors from the patented infusion process by which the essence of then-50-year-old Noces d’Or Cognac was imbued into the tobacco. The blend featured an Ecuadorian-grown, Connecticut-seed wrapper and Dominican-grown binder and filler leaves for a mild-to-medium body and a totally unique flavor. Production was so tightly controlled that the four primary shapes – Corona (6 inches by 44 ring), Churchill (7 x 50), Robusto (4 1/2 x 50) and Torpedo (7 x 56) were offered only in sleeves of five cigars each, all enclosed in elegantly-decorated aluminum tubes. The El Sublimado brand was so successful that the El Incomparable line – infused with then-21-year-old Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – was introduced in 1996. Made in the same four sizes and also offered only in tubes in sleeves of five, the blend was designed as full-bodied, with an Ecuadorian-grown wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican, Mexican and Nicaraguan filler leaves. Both were off the market by 2000, a victim of both the end of the Cigar Boom and an intra-familial disagreement about how to best market the brands. But now, for a little while, they are back. Tate noted that unlike his Flor de Jardin and Smokin’ Toad lines, which are generally marketed outside of dedicated cigar shops, these El Sublimado and El Incomparable cigars belong in high-end smokeshops. “These are really great, but they are not for everyone. For the right shop with the right kind of clientele, these are unique cigars that people will really enjoy. Tate has no plans to offer either line over the Internet, and invites interested tobacconists to contact him directly, either by electronic mail or by telephone at (214) 228-7392 to inquire about carrying either or both brands. ~ Rich Perelman

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